An overview of Casambi: the Smart Wireless Lighting Control System

Sydney's most simple-to-use, cost-effective and durable wireless lighting control system

We can come and talk to you about how Casambi will revolutionise the lighting atmosphere and function in your designs, home or business. And once your new Casambi control system is installed, one of our friendly Casambi experts will come back and teach you how to use it.
Ian Wijaya, Afterglow Lighting

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Afterglow Lighting are Australia's leading experts in Casambi, the smartest and easiest to use wireless lighting control system.

Casambi is smart technology in your pocket: a wireless lighting control system that you can operate via an app on your smartphone or tablet or via a wireless switch.

Casambi is scaleable and ideal for creating sophisticated, automated lighting scenes for everything from a busy retail store or a cosy restaurant to the largest industrial-scale buildings as well.

But these features aren't all Casambi has up its sleeves: it is extremely versatile and powerful because it allows you to have precise control over each light while enabling you to group lights and set them to automatically respond to daylight and movement.

We've commissioned Casambi systems for many lighting designers and architects and direct to homes and businesses throughout Sydney and beyond, helping them tailor their lighting to their precise needs.

Casambi is so clever, it lets you control:

  1. the brightness of your lighting
  2. its grouping – this means planning which of your lights are switched on and off for each scene
  3. the colour temperature – allowing you to switch from warm light to cool light or even change the colours (for RGB applications), and
  4. even some brands of blinds and other products with motors like doors and even a coffee machine!

Get in touch to talk to us about the range of Casambi Australia products or check out our services page.

Afterglow and Casambi, helping Sydney lighting professionals,   residences and businesses shine.