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At Afterglow, we're experts in lighting design, supply and installation for specialty retail stores, cafés, professional services and more.

We know effective commercial lighting isn’t just about making your space bright: we use a tailored mix of the latest lighting products to create the right atmosphere for your space while ensuring your products and signage look their best.
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The Afterglow difference

01. Poor lighting can make your space feel “gloomy”, “harsh”, “budget” or “glary”, cheapening the appearance of your products and interfering with the functionality, intimacy or aesthetic of your space. We consider not just the illumination required, but also the design, features and emotional/aesthetic needs of your business and its commercial space.

02. Effective commercial lighting isn’t just about getting an electrician in to “throw up some downlights”. An office space, retail store or café all require a different amount and mix of lights to create the right atmosphere and highlight its features. We offer custom lighting plans and lighting control systems – like the Casambi control system – tailored to the unique needs of your space.

03. We do the entire job, beginning with thoughtful lighting design. We then source the right lighting products and custom fittings for your space. And finally, we complete the installation in one smooth process – fitting around your schedule, completing the job on time, and reducing your need to coordinate trades.

04. We’re approachable and knowledgeable lighting experts: our three principal contractors have completed a Masters in Lighting Design and have years of experience in the industry. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your business and its customers before guiding you to the best result for your commercial space.

Featured projects

Lighting redesign: Montagio – Sydney CBD

We chose Afterglow because they don't only sell lighting, they were also very focused on delivering real solutions to our business' lighting problems from their lighting design perspective. They gave us excellent quality, even lighting that beautifully lights up our products and people for a very reasonable price.
Montagio, Sydney CBD

what we achieved

Montagio offers high-end custom tailored suits in downtown Sydney. The space was packed with suit samples and thousands of fabric samples. With gloomy and imprecise lighting, the quality products were not featured and the store appeared dark and cramped.

01. We designed a lighting plan to provide sufficient light for customers to navigate the space while keeping the light level intimate and classy. We used multiple light sources and lighting products to create contrast where previously the eye could only register a sea of dark material.

02. We used high-quality track lights and spotlights to draw attention to featured suits, allowing their colours and textures to shine. We installed strip lights inside shelving (concealed from view) to light up dim corners and allow the colours of shoes and ties to become features.

03. Our lighting design transformed this store into a more luxe space, replacing the previous dark and cramped vibe with an atmosphere of sophisticated, high-end luxury.

Move the slider < and > to see what a difference Afterglow makes

Move the slider < and > to see what a difference Afterglow makes

Lighting redesign: Harris Farm Markets

We needed high quality and cost-effective lighting to make our produce shine. Afterglow provided the design, supply and after sales backup that made the whole transaction painless. They gave us a lighting system that was energy efficient while at the same time delivering the light levels required to make our produce and our store look their best.
Harris Farm Markets, Potts Point

What we achieved

Harris Farm Markets, Potts Point, is a busy specialty supermarket in a popular tourist destination. Due to dated lighting that didn't suit the space's current configuration and use, the fresh produce wasn’t highlighted and the walking routes and shelves were filled with dark corners.

01. We installed the right lights in the right positions to provide sufficient light for customers to easily navigate the space while lowering the glare factor. We used T5 tubes with reflectors in the aisles to add a general, warm brightness to the space and eliminate gloomy, dark corners.

02. We lit the fruits, veggies, cheeses, meats, and seafood using high colour-rendering track luminaires and downlights that made bright features of the produce’s colours and freshness. Adding long-life (up to 50,000 hours) water resistant LED strip lights under shelves ensured even the humble potatoes shone.

03. Our lighting expertise helped transformed the store, bringing a bright freshness where before there was a mix of glare and dark shadows. Plus we made the produce shine, creating a warm, inviting space that is a pleasure to browse.

See how the produce shines thanks to our lighting redesign