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We needed high quality and cost-effective lighting to make our produce shine. Afterglow provided the advice, supply and after-sales backup that made the whole transaction painless. They helped us ensure our lighting system was energy efficient while at the same time delivered the lighting required to make our produce and our store look their best.
Harris Farm Markets, Potts Point

We chose Afterglow because they were very focused on delivering real solutions to our business' lighting problems. They gave us excellent quality, even lighting that beautifully lights up our products and people for a very reasonable price.
Montagio, Sydney CBD

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The benefits of Afterglow & Casambi

Luminaires with integrated Casambi hardware are ideal for retail spaces as they communicate directly with a handheld device or wireless switch, so there is no need for big installation costs and no need to connect to Wi-Fi or install any network hardware.

Retailers can save their most commonly used lighting configurations as pre-set scenes, making it easy to adjust lighting for the entire store, and restaurants can set their lighting to shift with the sun to create the right ambience any time of the day or night.

Casambi’s technology even allows retailers to incorporate smart occupancy sensors into light fittings so that they can harvest valuable data about how their customers behave. For example, movement and location sensors can create ‘heat maps’ of a store, revealing which areas get the most footfall and when, meaning your Casambi lighting system can also operate as an insight tool that can help drive sales.

Casambi has recently introduced iBeacon technologies to enable fully integrated, location-based services within their fixtures. iBeacon allows you to send targeted ads and push notifications to your consumers when they’re close to your actual bricks and mortar store.

Afterglow offers advice and support to retail store and restaurant owners to ensure they get the most from their smart lighting system. We have expert knowledge of all the latest luminaires and tech and  can help supply the whole ecosystem of Casambi products. We’ll return after installation to test and commission your Casambi system, ensuring the best outcome for your store and a smooth sign off and delivery. We'll even teach you how to use the simple, user-friendly Casambi app and wireless switches. And we offer after-installation technical support as well.

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