Casambi for electrical contractors

We understand the challenges of installing new technologies and offer one-on-one and group training as well as demonstrations to help electrical contractors and other lighting professionals confidently install Casambi in their projects.
ian wijaya, lead consultant

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The benefits of Afterglow & Casambi

Installation is a fairly simple process with Casambi components and systems as they need no new wiring and no network hardware beyond the light fittings themselves. And because Casambi doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi and instead creates its own Bluetooth mesh network, you won’t need to install a gateway such as a router or bridge. With a little training from Afterglow, you'll be good to go.

Plus, after installation, Afterglow can take care of the testing and commissioning of your system, whether that requires the set up of one user on a single iPhone or more complex set up with multiple users (e.g. where we set a building manager or similar as the administrator and limit the functions are available to general users).

We offer training in the installation of Casambi systems and can walk you and your team through the installation process for all Casambi products and the retrofitting of modules into existing lights and switches.

We’ll return after installation to test and commission each system, ensuring the best outcome for your project and a smooth sign off and delivery of the Casambi system to your client as well. We'll even teach your clients how to use the simple Casambi app and wireless switches. Plus we provide after-installation technical support as well.

Get in touch to find out how Afterglow's Casambi know how can help you and your team.