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Casambi is fast becoming the preferred smart lighting system in Australia. We've installed it in almost every kind of building you can think of, from large-scale commercial buildings to private homes and restaurants, shops and even historical buildings. And while Casambi is incredibly sophisticated behind the scenes, we love showing our clients how easy it is to use.

Ian Wijaya, Lead Casambi Consultant

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Our Services

We offer a range of services to support lighting professionals, architects and designers, business owners and homeowners. At Afterglow Lighting, our expertise in Casambi smart wireless lighting systems is unparalleled. We're Australia's only Casambi specification and support partner and are certified Casambi commissioning partners, meaning we have the up-to-date knowledge and technical expertise to help you get the most from the Casambi range.

01. Casambi Systems Consulting me

Afterglow Lighting offers a consultancy service for any customer wanting to integrate Casambi into their home, build or design. We have expert knowledge about all the latest products and can guide you to the best outcome. We will come out to you to determine the functional requirements of your system and advise you about all the options at your fingertips with Casambi. With a background in lighting design and IT, our lead consultant Ian Wijaya understands the language of design and can translate your vision into a technically perfect, robust lighting solution. We also offer technical support to help you with any concerns following installation.

02. Specialist Casambi Products

We don't just advise you about the latest Casambi products and technology, we can supply the full ecosystem of products as well.

03. Casambi Systems Integration

Our team can supply and set up the full suite of Casambi products. Unlike other companies who offer their own limited range of products containing Casambi technlology, we have access to and expertise in the entire range of Casambi products. We’ll help you design your Casambi integration plan to get the best from your smart lighting system and will commission the entire ecosystem of Casambi products for you. We will set up your network for you, setting scenes and timers and programming your switches. And once we have the set up completed, we’ll teach you how easy it is to use your new Casambi smart lighting system.

04. Casambi Systems Training

Are you unfamiliar with the installation, operation and features of Casambi products? At Afterglow, we offer training for electrical contractors and professionals who would like to incorporate Casambi technology into their projects. We offer one-on-one training, demonstration evenings for groups, and training sessions at your business or onsite for your team. Get in touch to find out more.