Why choose Afterglow Lighting? Because we're a Casambi Certified Commissioning Partner!

 01. As commissioning partners fully certified by Casambi (and Australia's only Casambi specification and support partner), Afterglow Lighting has specialist, up-to-date knowledge of all Casambi products.

 02. We offer consulting services to help designers and architects, builders, contractors, homeowners and business owners best integrate Casambi’s smart, wireless lighting technology into their design, home or business.  

 03. Plus, we can supply and set up the full suite of Casambi products and even offer Casambi training for electrical contractors.

 04. With Afterglow Lighting you'll get the best advice, the best products and the best from the Casambi range.

Why incorporate Casambi into your lighting design?

 01. Smart lighting is a popular technology as it allows users to easily dim, turn on, and turn off lights at the tap of a screen, the flick of a wireless switch, or in response to sensors and timers. But not all systems are created equal.

 02. Casambi's wireless smart lighting system goes well beyond basic wireless functionality, offering users a simple to use, reliable and professional quality lighting system packed with features. 

 03. We can help you group lights together into scenes, employing sensors and Bluetooth switches (including motion sensors and timers, sunlight sensors and calendars) to create sophisticated automatic scenes.

 04. Casambi is incredibly flexible, scalable and intelligent.

05. Afterglow can help you tailor your Casambi lighting system to projects of any scale, from a homeowner seeking only a few fixtures and scenes controlled from their smart phone to businesses requiring industrial-scale solutions with remote cloud-based control, monitoring and data logging.

Head here for an overview of Casambi or scroll down to read its list of features.

Sophisticated, cost-effective & easy to use

01. Casambi was designed specifically for lighting, which brings a range of benefits over other automated systems. Users can choose to automate all of their lighting or have granular control over each individual light from either a smart phone, tablet or wireless switch.

02. Afterglow can program your Casambi wireless smart lighting system to respond to all kinds of stimuli, from the weather and the location of your car to the movement of people or even the position of the sun in the sky.

03. Casambi can save you energy (and $$$), create dynamic lighting displays, and increase the safety and wellbeing of people who interact with your system.

04. The possibilities are endless with Afterglow and Casambi. For example, you can install sensors that take standby lighting in a parking garage from 20% up to 100% at the first sign of movement. Or you can create human-centric lighting plans, where the brightness and colour temperature of your lighting adjusts automatically throughout the day to mimic natural light, helping regulate users’ circadian rhythms, sleep cycles and mood.

05. Once Afterglow have set up (commissioned) your system, we'll teach you how to use the Casambi app and wireless switches. You'll discover they are incredibly easy to use. 

Reliable, superior Bluetooth wireless mesh technology

01. Casambi is the most robust, technologically advanced, future-proofed and easiest to use lighting system on the market.

02. Casambi uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): a new communication technology that is far more reliable and suited to controlling lights than earlier Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies.

03. Unlike previous Wi-Fi lighting systems, Casambi is not connected to the internet and does not require a central command module that can act as a single point of failure for the system (causing technical issues). Instead, Casambi lights form a self-organising and self-healing mesh network where each luminaire and sensor can relay information to and from the others, so if any individual luminaire fails (or is removed or reconfigured) all the other lighting controls keep working perfectly.

Retrofittable, easy to install, with a huge range of options

01. We have a direct line to Casambi and expertise in their entire product range. Plus, we also supply and specialise in products from leading lighting manufacturers (including Holders, Ropag, Olomoo, Eltad and Tridonic) who have integrated Casambi’s Bluetooth module into their luminaires, drivers and control modules. This means more options for you, with many new and exciting products on the market every year with Casambi at their heart.

02. All products with Casambi technology – whether Casambi native products or products manufactured by Casambi’s partners – are always 100% compatible with each other.

03. The Casambi module is retrofittable as it can be added to pre-existing standard light switches. It's perfect for heritage buildings and traditional projects as well. 

04.  The Casambi components and system need no new wiring to be installed and no network hardware either (beyond the light fittings themselves). And because Casambi doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi, and instead creates its own Bluetooth mesh, you don’t need to install a gateway such as a router or bridge.

What Casambi & Afterglow can do

Casambi is a highly sophisticated yet simple to use professional lighting system that is fast becoming the most popular smart lighting system in Australia.  It is wireless yet robust and reliable, offering users more flexibility and smart options than ever before. Head to our services page to find out the ways in which Afterglow can support you.

Casambi is quickly becoming the standard in Australia for wireless lighting control systems. It is built on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and, unlike other wireless lighting control/automation products, Casambi does not rely on a single master node: instead it communicates by creating a self-healing and self-organising wireless mesh. This means any Casambi device can go offline and catch up with the others when they return back online saving you energy and $$$.

Casambi has a built-in timer function that includes a solar clock (so it knows what time the sun rises and sets) and also talks to a variety of sensors – such as movement and daylight sensors that can be integrated into a Casambi network to create a truly smart system that activates when a room is occupied or alters to match the colour or brightness of the daylight outside.

Read on to discover even more features that Casambi and Afterglow can bring to your business, home or design.

Afterglow and Casambi, helping Sydney lighting professionals,   residences and businesses shine.

The features of Casambi


    Grouping is simple with the Casambi app. We can set up your entire system or show you how to select luminaires to be controlled together.


    You can quickly and easily alter the colour temperature of (compatible) luminaires by sliding your finger on top of the light’s icon on your Casambi app.


    The Casambi app makes it easy for you change the colour of your RGB lights, whether individually or as a group, in seconds. We can even show you how to save your favourite colour settings.


    We can help you to create different lighting settings for different situations to change the ambience or functionality of your space. Each luminaire can be used in multiple scenes.


    Animations are a dynamic option where we set your luminaires to artistically fade from one scene to another. We can set your cycle of animations on repeat and/or specify the duration and transition times.


    The gallery feature allows you to take a photo of your space or a floorplan and mark the position of your luminaires directly onto it. This image will then appear in the app and you can simply tap on a light to control it's many features.


    Daylight sensors can be part of your luminaires or separate, they detect the daylight and alter your lighting according to your preset plan. These are perfect for human-centric lighting plans, which positively affect wellbeing and productivity.


    All Casambi units track time, and the calendar and timer functionality allows you to turn your animations and scenes on and off according to set times, particular days of the week, or to suit your or your customers’ different activities.


    Casambi offers motion sensors that we can set to trigger your scenes, allowing your lighting to be more energy- and cost-efficient and more user friendly as well.


    While one Casambi network can have up to 250 luminaires, the number of luminaires you can control is endless. You can install multiple networks that all talk to each other, with scenes that combine luminaires across networks.


    By setting the timezone during comissioning, we can ensure that your Casambi sensor can calculate the precise sunrise and sunset time at your location using GPS.


    Casambi intelligently allows manual operation of the app and switches and the operation of timers and sensors simultaneously via a preset control hierarchy.


    With Gateway, you can even control your luminaires and Casambi network remotely.


    Custom Elements allows our brand partners to create unique products within the Casambi ecosystem for their brand. The possibilities include products to control blinds, doors, or any machine that can be turned on with a switch.


    Fixture parameters are manufacturer-specific data about the luminaire. Examples of parameters could be LED versions, current consumption, driver version etc. Parameters can be read when required or changed within the app.