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Afterglow Lighting are Australia’s first and premiere certified Casambi Commissioning Partner.

As an accreddited Casambi Specification Partner, we're bringing the benefits of Casambi to Sydney and beyond by offering training, consultations and comprehensive support.

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How our expertise can help you

We offer consulting services to help designers and architects, builders, contractors, homeowners and business owners best integrate Casambi’s smart, wireless lighting technology into their design, home or business. Plus, we can supply and set up the full suite of Casambi products and even offer Casambi training for electrical contractors.

As a Certified Casambi Commissioning Partner, we have the up-to-date knowledge and technical expertise to help you get the most from the Casambi range. Head to our services page to find out more.

We’ve been in the industry for a decade, helping lighting professionals, home owners and businesses to create beautiful, functional spaces. We can help you select lighting technology that is not only cost effective and high performance, but also thoughtfully designed to complement the end user's unique lighting needs using the latest Casambi technology.

We chose to specialise in Casambi as it is the clear leader in wireless lighting control systems. Casambi uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, which is far superior to traditional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Plus, a Casambi system is not only cost-effective, it is more user friendly than other wireless lighting solutions.

A Casambi lighting system can be tailored to projects of any scale, from a homeowner seeking only a few fixtures and scenes controlled from their smart phone up to businesses requiring industrial-scale solutions with remote cloud-based control, monitoring and data logging. Find out more about Casambi here.

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The Afterglow Lighting team

At Afterglow, we combine the technical knowledge of lighting science with superior, accredited Casambi know-how and interior design expertise to select the right lighting products to transform your design, business or home.

Ian Wijaya, Lead Consulatant


Our team is led by Ian Wijaya, Australia’s first and leading accredited Casambi Systems Consultant.

Ian and our team of contractors and Casambi technology experts have the know-how to help you seamlessly, painlessly and wirelessly integrate Casambi into your design, home or business. Ian will come out and talk to you about the lighting requirements for your design, business or home and will identify and discuss any problems you’re hoping to solve.   

Whether working with a residential customer looking for a simple upgrade to a Casambi system, a retail store looking to overhaul their current lighting, or a commercial customer in need of a complete lighting plan designed prior to construction, Afterglow Lighting are the experts to call. 

Afterglow Lighting is committed to helping clients at every stage of your project. With a Masters in Lighting Design and a passion for both technology and design, Ian knows all the latest products and lighting technologies inside and out. He can offer advice on the best luminaires and sensors to meet your needs and also more cost-effective options. Ian is Australia's foremost Casambi expert. He also provides last-mile services, returning after your Casambi system has been installed to show you how to use your lighting control system. 

Read more about the Casambi Lighting Control System features and overview.

Why Casambi?

Casambi is Sydney's most cost-effective, robust and simple-to-use lighting control system

Casambi lighting controlCasambi lighting control

We chose to specialise in Casambi as it is the sophisticated wireless lighting control system that is simple to use – allowing you to control your lights directly from an app on your smartphone or tablet or via a wireless switch.

The Casambi Australia range is extremely versatile and powerful because it can give you very granular control over each light in your design, business or home as well as the ability to group lights to set different scenes or to respond to movement, daylight and more.

Casambi is quickly becoming the standard for wireless lighting control systems.

To find out more:

  • head to our Casambi product page, or
  • get in touch with Afterglow  – a Casambi Australia partner – to have a chat out about installing a smart and cost-effective Casambi system that will change the way you control the light in your designs, business or home.

Afterglow and Casambi, helping Australian designers, residences and businesses shine.